About FreshTracks

Some basic things to know about FreshTracks.

What is It? is a hosted SaaS solution that simplifies Kubernetes visibility by empowering engineers to see, understand, and pinpoint container behavior and instability. Current container monitoring tools do an excellent job collecting metrics about the state of applications, but they fall short when providing dynamic anomaly detection to allow engineers to act based on those metrics. Using machine learning, FreshTracks identifies and correlates anomalies to provide your engineers with intelligent alerts and dashboards.

What can It do for You?

You might be wondering why you don't just run your own instance of Prometheus and Grafana to monitor your containers. Here's why.

Hosted SaaS Solution

A hosted SaaS solution means you don't have to spend time setting up and maintaining systems to run your own instances of Prometheus or Grafana. The FreshTracks architecture is highly available. You have access to all the standard functionality such as custom queries, dashboards, and alerting without the maintenance.

Long Term Data Storage

By itself, Prometheus has limited scalability and durability for data storage. With FreshTracks, your data is retained for 13 months for trending and data analysis.

View Meaningful Data Immediately

FreshTracks allows you to immediately begin collecting and storing metrics for CPU, memory, disk, and network. We perform additional data analysis on the metrics and display the calculated data in ready made graphs.