Metrics and Metric Collection

What data we collect and where it comes from.

FreshTracks automatically collects the following metrics:

  • All the node level metrics from all the nodes in your cluster using the node_exporter.
  • All the cAdvisor metrics from all the containers in your cluster.
  • Metrics from the Kubernetes system itself (API server etc.).
  • Metrics about the state of the Kubernetes cluster. For example, the number of pods and namespaces are determined with the excellent kube-state-metrics.

So how much data does FreshTracks collect? Consider a modest 3 node Kubernetes cluster. After the FreshTracks agent is installed, we immediately begin collecting and storing about 10,000 metrics. This count does not include any custom application metrics your application might be exposing. For instructions on how to enable the collection of custom application metrics, see Application Metrics.