Node Dashboards

View information about the nodes in a kubernetes cluster.

Node HexMap Dashboard

Use this dashboard to view the state of your machine resources in a specific cluster. Metric data is collected for the utilization and saturation of CPU, Memory, Disk I/O, Storage, or Network. Utilization and saturation are defined as follows:

  • Utilization is the average time that the resource was busy servicing work.
  • Saturation is the degree to which the resource has extra work which it can’t service. The work is often queued.

Dashboard Topology

Double-click the hexes in the dashboard HexMap to navigate within the node topology. The hierarchy of information you can access from this dashboard is:

  1. Cluster - View aggregated metrics for all components in the selected cluster topology. (Default: top level view)
  2. Node - View metrics for a specific node.

Dashboard Example

The following figure shows an example of the Node HexMap dashboard.

Figure: Node HexMap Dashboard

Figure: Node HexMap Dashboard

  1. Node Topology HexMap - View and navigate through the node hierarchy.

    In the previous figure, there is a cluster ( and four nodes.

  2. Node Metrics Graphs - View the saturation and utilization of your cluster machine resources. Click CPU, Memory, Disk I/O, Storage, or Network to view the metric data for a specific resource in the node topology. The highlighted region around the graph shows the normal bounds of operation based on historical data. The values that exceed normal operating parameters appear in red.

    In the previous figure, the hex for the cluster is selected. When the cluster hex is selected, the graph shows the accumulated metric data for all nodes in the cluster.


Resources that show as inactive in a dashboard, became inactive within the time period shown in the Metrics Graphs.

Kubernetes Metrics Dashboard

Use this dasboard to determine if the nodes in your cluster are in a good state and can accept work.

Dashboard Example

The following figure shows an example Kubernetes - Cluster dashboard.

Figure: Kubernetes - Cluster Dashboard

Figure: Kubernetes - Cluster Dashboard

  1. Hierarchy Graphs - View the status of each of the elements that exist in the cluster hierarchy. Each graph provides an aggregated status view of the Nodes, Pods, and Containers in a cluster.
  2. Node Status - View all the nodes in a cluster that are ready to accept work.
  3. Resource Graphs - View the status of all your cluster resources. Each graph provides an aggregated metric view of the cluster CPU Utilization, Memory Utilization, Disk Capacity, and Network I/O.
  4. Workload status - View an overview of the work performed within a cluster. Each graph provides an aggregated view of running Daemonsets, Statefulsets, Jobs, and Cron Jobs in a cluster.
  5. Deployments and Replica Sets Status - View the individual units of work being deployed in the cluster.